Thus, We noticed this: Followed closely by so it: Plus it came from: thranduil-king-of-fantastic You are planning to getting my personal queen, love

Thus, We noticed this: Followed closely by so it: Plus it came from: thranduil-king-of-fantastic You are planning to getting my personal queen, love

I’m merely another Tolkien partner girl. All about the fresh Elves. I have an over-all look at Tolkien canon not in the Silmarillion, God of Bands, in addition to Hobbit. If it’s something Tolkien typed in the Elves, We contemplate it a research point. Some people do not go along with so it scope out-of canon. *shrugs* Sorry, maybe not sorry. We appreciate Tolkien fan artwork, fanfic, and you may one thing amusing otherwise stunning on the Tolkien’s community, specifically between your Elves. I enjoy make. If i have any objective anyway using this blogs, it might be to help individuals see just what Tolkien most composed (and also to feel foolish). We have a canon-hammer forged regarding the text out of Tolkien’s individual writing; I named it Grond, which means ‘very weighty and you may ponderous’ within the Sindarin. I crush some thing. ¦

Elves and Marriage – promising

I ~love~ this photo and you can oh my personal goodness, that is therefore close! Apart from anything … Canon-hammer! Luthien’s dad put problematic having her suitor, and it is reasonable that he performed thus (in the event Thingol on purpose made it an obviously impossible task so Beren do relinquish their suit or pass away trying). Arwen’s father performed an equivalent to have their own (Aragorn finest feel King or pass away looking to) since you could not let your Elven daughter marry just people ol’ mortal. He ideal end up being exceptional! Even though granted, Elrond was not being an entire d to Aragorn; he had been most likely offering him ‘extra’ inspiration. But, they had a clause to save Arwen regarding getting mortal, as well. Anyway… Got Luthien and you may Arwen selected to marry Elves, their reports could have been some some other: Elf-maidens: #Comfort aside father!


Fathers: #sound #daughters As well as their fathers, despite its Elf-lord ranking, do not have had much to say about this. Aredhel completely performed an effective #Comfort out Turgon He may was indeed king, however, she you certainly will manage exactly kuumia tyttГ¶jГ¤ Thaimaa: lta what she desired and marry whomever she delighted, without any king’s blessing. In the mortal globe, no brother out-of a king may get hitched as opposed to their particular sister, the latest king’s, acceptance. To your Eldar, the choice usually stayed between the Elves themselves or the Elf in addition to their chose, consenting companion, since it try having Mithrellas and you will Imrazor. Elven marriage you can expect to never be pushed. An enthusiastic Elf could not end up being assured so you’re able to anybody, and no mortal would-be assured to an enthusiastic Elf. Elves, high-elves at the very least, did has an optional period of betrothal.

An earlier Elven few could possibly get partake in it up to they are of sufficient age so you can wed, nonetheless it wasn’t the exact same thing as actually promised. Elves could, in the event the need be, melt the fresh new wedding before relationships taken place from the melting down the gold groups. It actually was totally up to the couple, perhaps not the household. Family simply had involved in a wedding if your Elves were not yet people. But not, the expression ‘getting promised’ means somebody is developed to or set-up in order to wed a beneficial suitor. A guaranteed mate means terms of agreement and you can/otherwise obligations, stemming regarding outside the couples by themselves, are involved. Tolkien’s Elves simply don’t accomplish that. A keen elleth isn’t anyone’s to provide out otherwise pledge so you’re able to someone, she stays actually ever her own person, even with relationships.

An ellon, particularly Thranduil, don’t have expected one thing faster of their queen. XII, Home, Partial Stories – The annals regarding Galadriel and you will Celeborn, The brand new Silmarillion, God of Rings) Notes: In my opinion you to ‘imagine’ condition are a sweet understanding, having an incredibly, very fetching image of Thranduil looking up inside the complete kingly magnificence, and i really designed to simply reblog and you may work. But it provided me with a little niggle in the back of my personal brain that we got much more to express than simply a mere reblog carry out guarantee. My personal cannon-hammer kept asking me to figure it out. Very, alas, the fresh lore arrived forth. No offense supposed to the initial poster. It is a beautiful gif time. It absolutely was a great fanon fantasy situation which i was handling, little alot more.

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